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Committed to Improving Your EVM Performance

Since its inception in 1997, CBTW has quickly become one of the leading and most trusted suppliers for skilled Earned Value Management System (EVMS) resources that can fill your project management resource needs. We are a service company that specializes in EVMS training, services, and tools support. CBTW strives to be the most reliable and affordable EVMS service provider in the market. We are comprised of an extensive network of dedicated associates who collectively have over a century of experience in developing, implementing, training and documenting a project, business, management and performance measurement systems and software for companies in the aerospace and defense industry.

Always Ahead of the Curve

Since CBTW was formed, we have taken pride in anticipating the need for EVMS training throughout the industry. In fact, CBTW was the first to create cost-effective, fully narrated, web-delivered earned value training for the industry. Since then, thousands of aerospace and defense personnel have completed our EVMS Fundamentals training course. This course is fully web-enabled and fully compatible with most Learning Management Systems.

Feature Highlights Include:

  • bookmarking,
  • full narration
  • testing
  • completion certificates
  • ability for an administrator to monitor student progress and review scoring.

CBTW’s courseware products can be delivered via the web or via your company’s intranet.

EVMS Staff Augmentation

CBTW’s EVMS Service division has quietly become one of the largest sources of
highly skilled EVMS personnel throughout the United States. As new EV
Programs come on line, a company’s resources can be overloaded. Let CBTW’s
EVMS Service division fill the gap with experienced personnel such as Earned

Value Management Planners, Schedulers, Cost Analysts, Estimators, and EVMS
Consultants. We can provide staff augmentation on short or long term
assignments. CBTW’s experienced staff members can provide implementation
support and training on the following products: MPM, Microsoft Project,
Primavera, Cobra, and wInsight.

Designed for Your EVMS Success

Many companies are entering the EVMS world due to the Government emphasis
on managing projects more effectively and efficiently. CBTW EVMS Service
group has helped many of these companies design and implement their EV
systems. CBTW’s experts come prepared with all the tools necessary for a
successful implementation. We have proven software interfaces that can be tailored
to support all commercial EV systems. We also provide tailored system description
support and can offer a library of over one hundred desktop procedures that can be
tailored to meet a company’s EV needs. Our EVMS experts have trained over a
thousand CAMs and their management in the nuances of EVMS.

Unparalleled EVMS Training & Service

Let CBTW guide your employees through the EVMS requirements of Integrated
Baseline Review (IBR), EV Validation, Cost and Scheduling and ANSI/EIA-748.
Terms such as Critical Path Method (CPM), Integrated Master Schedule (IMS),
Earned Value (EV), Planned Value (PV), Actual Cost (AC), Budget at Completion
(BAC), Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and Cost Performance Index (CPI),
among many others, are fully broken down into easy to follow language.

Trust CBTW for all of your EVMS training and implementation.

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www.cbtworkshop.com – Phone: 888-644-5613

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