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Course Structure samples of the Lesson List and progress bar

The courses are divided into multiple lessons.

To help you keep track of your place within the course, the current lesson title will be indicated on the Lesson Map by an arrow icon.

Lessons will be taken either linearly or randomly, depending on how your training administration personel have set this up.

Receiving Credit and Course Length

To receive credit for the course, you must complete all of the lessons and pass the posttest (if required).

Remember . . . YOU MUST COMPLETE AN ENTIRE LESSON TO RECEIVE CREDIT. If you have to leave the lesson, do not exit from the course or close your browser. If you exit from the course, you will need to start that lesson over again.

Completing Lessons

When you reach the end of a lesson, you will be instructed to click on the Return to Menu button. Clicking on this button is required to receive credit for the lesson. If you click on the Course Map button before arriving at the Congratulations screen, you will receive a warning message advising you that you have not yet completed the lesson.

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