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Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) White Paper

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Page 3 - How to prepare for an IBR.

Before an IBR can take place, a PMB must be in place to be able to measure performance. At the start of a program the PMB is usually the negotiated contract value less withholds for profit and management reserve.

The Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) is the center piece of an Earned Value Management System.  Without a correctly linked detailed schedule, accurate performance cannot be taken. The IBR Team will review the IMS and any supporting schedules in detail for correct logic, and to insure that all contract deliverables are included.

Documentation is critical because the reviewers can only follow the contractor’s documentation during the IBR.  At a minimum, there must be an Earned Value System Description which describes the EV System in general.  Supporting the System Description will be desktop procedures which provide detail descriptions of all key EVMS processes to include program startup, monthly actions, ETCs, and change activities.

All Program risks must be identified and mitigation plans must be done prior to the IBR and resulting documentation must be made available.

The WBS must be broken down to the lowest level required to support the control accounts and work packages.

A CAM Notebook with all necessary supporting documentation must be developed.

The composition of the in-house team that will support the review must be determined.

A mock CAM interview must be planned. The interview will be done by individuals from your company who will act as if they were the actual government interviewers. The mock interviews are to prepare the CAMs for the real interviews.


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